Scheibner m.i.n - the low-priced but precise solution

The new m.i.n-system is the low-priced but precise solution for workshops with a more limited requirement.

The complete system costs only 3.400 EUR including the software, the index data and a professional training course.

Handling of the system is very easy. Apart from the precision telescopic sight and a special mirror the systems only consists of mechanical components. Taking bearings with the telescopic sight and measuring different distances provides all the necessary information for the calculation of the protocol.

Special adapters for mounting the system into the steering head are not needed, because the systems is fixed directly into the steering head of the frame with universal cones.

The advantages

  • Unrivalled cheap solution, due to a remarkably simple construction
  • All vehicles with a conventional steering head are measurable apart from BMW-Telelever and Yamaha GTS1000
  • Simple bearings with the precision telescopic sight and distance measurements provide the complete information for the protocol
  • Only the front fork has to be removed
  • No calibration or tuning of the system out of the general service intervals is necessary
  • Windows software for management, calculation and printout of the protocols
  • Complete database with more than 1.000 different types, constantly updated

The components

  • Precision telescopic sight with reticule, height adjustable and with vernier scale
  • Conical mountings to fit into steering head bearings
  • Measuring bracket with special mirror and targets for the telescopic sight
  • Advanced system for easier mounting of the measuring bracket to the swing arm axis by means of various adapters
  • Precision lineal
  • Measuring angle for quick measurements of the tail

The steps in particular

  • Removal of the front fork (similar to replacing the steering head bearings, fairings etc. stay with the bike)
  • Fitting the telescopic sight unit into the steering head
  • Mounting the measuring bracket into the swing arm axis by making use of the various conical adapters for the centring pins of the bracket.
  • Supporting the bracket with the post to the rear of the bike
  • Adjusting the angle of inclination of the bracket and the height of the telescopic sight
  • Taking two bearings of the targets on both sides of the brackets
  • Measuring the required distances with the lineal
  • Typing in the figures into the form of the RvWin software


  • Weight complete: approx. 27 kg
  • Dimensions of the case with the whole equipment: 810 x 790 x 150 mm

Standard equipment (delivered with the system)

  • Programme to administer the protocols and the index data
  • complete list of manufacturers index data
  • various adapters for easier mounting of the measuring bracket to the swing arm axis

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