CMS Chassistuning

use it for

  • optimizing your chassis setups
  • chassis tuning
  • restoring geometry when changing tire brands or sizes
  • automatically stores relevant data from previous setups you tried

measurement of all relevant data

  • trail
  • rake (of complete vehicle)
  • wheel base
  • swing arm angle
  • length swing arm
  • rear height
  • height front wheel axis
  • height swing arm axis
  • height rear wheel axis
  • Offset

the measurement

  • standard frame measurement with the mega-m.a.x.
  • mounting of the CMS to the left centring pin of the mega-m.a.x.
  • CMS-measurement with mega-m.a.x.
  • taking the readings of the rear and front wheel axis with help of the lasers on the posts
  • determination of the results

the protocol

All important results of the measurement are displayed on the screen. Evaluate and store your setups for future reference.


The software program computes changes in front and rear ride height tire sizes, swing arm length, etc. before you actually change the bike. See the effects of simulated modifications to e.g. the trail and the rake or any other figure in the table on the screen in advance.

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